Headaches!! they won't go!?

Answer see doctor.

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I have been having headaches for months know,I'm 14 and the headaches wont stop,what kind of headache is it?

You definantly should try taking Iron suppliments> Theyre safe, cheap, and you can get them at the grocery store. If they dont help within a few weeks dont bother but Iron carried oxygen to the b... Read More »

Why is it that they wont serve me in the pub when I am drunk, but they never turn away fat people in Mcdonalds?

It is illegal to be drunk in a public place.

Convince what if your parents to let you get an iPhone 3Gs if they say you don't need a cell phone and they wont let you pay for half or all of it of it?

OKAY all you gotta do is make a list on the computer wait till your parents are together and read it to them also give them each a copy of the list you print out check your spelling exp. why I sh... Read More »

What can i do to get rid of migraine headaches they put me in bed?

If you believe that caffine may be partly to blame, you will need to stay away from Excedrine products. Excedrine has 65 mg. of caffine in each tablet. That is a sizable dose of caffine if you ta... Read More »