Headaches from the heater, (dry heat) what causes this?

Answer Don't turn the heating off however go a notch or two down and place a damp towel over the radiator. Also tell whoever is last to take a bath at night to leave the water in. This will add to the m... Read More »

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How do you heat an 11x7 meter indoor swimming pool using a diesel heater or heat pump?

Fans can make a room cooler by circulating the air, but can also help circulate warm air, especially in the winter months. If it's a ceiling fan, putting the fan blades in reverse will push the war... Read More »

How much heat does an infrared heater put out?

Depending on the type, an infrared heater's surface range heat output varies between 110 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Since infrareds bypass air and heat objects instead, they tend to make for effic... Read More »

How big of a heater do I need to heat my garage?

On One Hand: Rough EstimateTake the volume of the garage you wish to heat, then multiply it by the temperature change you wish to induce, then multiply that by 0.133 to get the size in BTUs. For ex... Read More »

What Will Maximize Wood Heater Heat?

Wood heaters today are cleaner burning and powerful enough to heat an average-sized modern home. Newer wood-burning appliances are designed to be more energy efficient than the older models and are... Read More »