Headaches from the heater, (dry heat) what causes this?

Answer Don't turn the heating off however go a notch or two down and place a damp towel over the radiator. Also tell whoever is last to take a bath at night to leave the water in. This will add to the m... Read More »

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How do you heat an 11x7 meter indoor swimming pool using a diesel heater or heat pump?

Fans can make a room cooler by circulating the air, but can also help circulate warm air, especially in the winter months. If it's a ceiling fan, putting the fan blades in reverse will push the war... Read More »

What causes headaches?

Headaches can have any number of causes, but the most common are: hormonal (women), medicinally induced (medications you're taking), lack of sleep, sinus pressure, migraine, stress/tension (includi... Read More »

What causes constant headaches?

If you drink diet sodas or use artificial sugar, many people are sensative to the chemicals they contain and you might be one of them. I had very bad headaches years ago because of my constant use ... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Constant Headaches?

An occasional headache may be caused by another illness, such as a cold or flu, or a reaction to a certain food or smell. These types of headaches will usually resolve on their own once the cause i... Read More »