Headache remedies?

Answer hot tea w/ milk and a nap

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Natural headache remedies?

Some natural remedies for curing headache?

Believe it or not.. Chocolates are natural remedy for headaches& Migranes..!!…

I got a banging headache.... No paracetamol to hand.... Any remedies?

find the pulse in your temple and gently rest your ring finger on it, close your eyes and forget the world in meditation, be silent at the same time, hope you feel better soon babe

I had a migraine headache last sunday, here it is a week later and I still have a headache ?

If you have been taking alot of pain relievers throughout the week then it may be a rebound headache. Sometimes when I have a headache that lasts that long, I go to the chiropractor for an adjustme... Read More »