Headache from standing up after i lay down?

Answer I would wait for the results of your ct scan , you may be susceptible to migraine headaches . You mentioned that you are a full time student as well you are working part time and you aren't a slac... Read More »

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When getting a bloody nose, are you supposed to put your head back or down, standing up or sitting down?

You should pinch your nose and lean forward. You want the blood to go out, not back in. I don't think it really matters if your sitting or standing up.

Where does my headache go after I take Ibuprophen. About 40 minutes ago, I had a massive headache. I'm just ?

haha i think about that stuff too all the time where does it go for real lol

When you use the bathroom do u wipe standing or sitting down?

How to Negotiate a Late Fee Down for Credit Cards in Bad Standing?

If you do not pay at least the minimum payment on a credit card by the due date, your account will be assessed a late fee. You can negotiate a single late fee, and sometimes several, even with you... Read More »