Head is foggy and dizzy?

Answer So you chose to come online and ask strangers with zero medical training, rather than finding a different doctor who might actually be able to help you?

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How to Fix Foggy Head Lights?

Most vehicles on the road today use plastic headlight lens components. Over time, a plastic lens can become yellow or foggy due to being exposed to the elements. This greatly decreases the amount o... Read More »

Why do i get dizzy in the head sometimes...?

I get this VERY often as-well, with the exact same symptoms. I found this:Many attacks of dizziness are caused by momentary, harmless drops in blood pressure, leading to a transient reduction in th... Read More »

I had my hair dyed, they used bleach first, im wicked dizzy and my head hurts from the smell now?

Wash your hair then take a nap or something to get rid if the dizziness. I don't think your hair is supposed to smell after bleaching it though, they should have watched the chemicals out at the sa... Read More »

The back of my head hurts feels heavy when I walk I feel dizZy and nauseas?

Sounds like major stress to me.Asprin, tylenol, will help.