Head injury-what to do?

Answer At least get to a hospital or doctor and ask for the list of symptoms to be aware of. You could have just a concussion or you might have a small skull fracture.You need more medical advice than I o... Read More »

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Can you shower after you had a minor head injury head bump?

If you have any dressings on a wound, you'd want to keep them dry. If you're dizzy, this is a bad idea. Otherwise, sure -- go for it.

What to do, head injury?

Sounds like you have concussion, I would reccomend for the time being you do not sleep until night time and you get a friend to keep an eye on you

Head injury What could this be?

Could be a concussion. A concussion is basically a contusion (bruise) on the brain. It will heal like most other bruises. Although, you must remember that your brain is what controls everything you... Read More »

What disorders can head injury cause?

A head injury can cause , sever brain damage depending on how bad it is, it can cause concussions, memory loss, sometimes even death