Head Injury.. Worried about concussion?

Answer Well, you don't have any symptoms or indicators of a concussion - and it's obvious that you know what to watch for.So, keep watching for them, but you should be fine.Work up a good story to explain... Read More »

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Head Injury.. Worried I have a concussion?

It's pretty hard for any of us to help you, as we did not witness your fall nor do we know how hard you hit your head. Your friends did, and they aren't worried. It doesn't sound like you hit har... Read More »

Head injury. Concussion?

Any side effects from a head injury should always be looked at by a Health care Professional! My advice, Visit your A&E now, you always better having a check than going to sleep on it and just hope... Read More »

Concussion and Head Injury Instructions for Patients?

A concussion is a head injury caused by a sudden, direct blow to the head. Such a blow can jolt your brain, causing it not to function normally. Some patients with concussions experience disturbed ... Read More »

How bad is a concussion injury?

Depends how serious the concussion is. I recently got a concussion during my rugby game, and I took a five step concuss recovery program that took three weeks before I could do full contact again.... Read More »