He said he wants to know me better but he doesnt even call me on the phone?

Answer he is probably busy doing his research. After he obtains as much information about you as he can, i am sure he will call.

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Was john carpenter the contestant on who wants to be a millionaire that called his father as a phone a friend and said dad just called to let you know i won a million dollars?

This woman i know said that Doctor Oz said that even diet drinks have sugar in them?

Diet drinks dont have sugar, they have a sugar substitute moat often aspertame... This is something you should do some research on as the opinions on this particular item vary largely. Some peopl... Read More »

I'm 16 and pregnant and i want my baby but my mom wants me to abort and my bf doesnt he says he's gonna sue her if she makes me have one and i dont know in which side to be in what do i do?

AnswerDon't abort it. you'll regret it the minute you do it. Believe me. i did the same thing. Your mom acts mean now and like she doesnt want it..but once that baby it born she will love it to dea... Read More »

How to Get to Know Someone Even Better?

Do you have a friend, family member, or significant other that you don't understand fully or don't know the little things about? A lot of us do.