He had none siblings...nahh he had total of 7 siblings i don't know the name?

Answer Nope.

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In a group of siblings there are 7 sister each sister has 1 brother how many siblings are there in total?

8 siblings all together as each sister has 1 common brother.

Just tried programming my new total remote 4 to an acoustic solutions dvd player. the codes dont work :(?

Sorry to say this, but honesty really is the best policy here....Buy a better remote control. This remote sells for about £10 sterling in the UK. (equiv. $16 USD). That's really very little money ... Read More »

How can you disown your sister I am 15 and my sister is 17 and we live together and we just dont consider ouselves siblings how can i legally go about disowning her at my present age?

Just because your sister and you may have different personalities and they are clashing is no reason to completely lose tough with each other. It appears because your sister is two years older than... Read More »

Can you buy total drama island or total drama action or total drama world tour on dvd?