He had none siblings...nahh he had total of 7 siblings i don't know the name?

Answer Nope.

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3 years ago my dad found out he had a 21 year old son we dont no his last name or any relatives or anything about him but we know his mom and his first name how can we find him?

You can find him by going to http:/ but you would have to pay like $4.00 to get his information. Or you can go to google and type in 'how to locate someone' or something. The on... Read More »

There's a song i listened but dont know the name of it.?

RIHANNA LYRICS"Take A Bow"Oh, How about a round of applause, YeahA standing ovationOooooo, YeahYeah, Yeah, Yeah, YeahYou look so dumb right nowStanding outside my houseTrying to apologizeYou’re s... Read More »

What is the name of the 90's kids tv show that had a super rabbit and was set in outerspace i think its bionic something but i dont know the whole name what is it?

The show was called Bucky O'Hare! It was a great show.

Need to find someone but dont know there whole name?

Then why don't you notify the Police if your that worried?They have better resources finding him than you haveespecially if he is a minor.Ever thought he deleted you because you were always nagging... Read More »