Hawk Species in Georgia?

Answer Seven species of hawk live in Georgia. Sizes range from small to large. Colors, patterns and distinctive features vary between the species. Banding is a distinctive, usually singular striped patt... Read More »

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Endangered Species in Southern Georgia?

South Georgia features coastal plains and wetlands on the Atlantic Ocean, and these areas provide habitats for wildlife and plant species. Some species, though, are endangered due to human encroach... Read More »

What is an exotic species&an invasive species?

Exotic and invasive are terms used by the United States Department of Agriculture to describe plant status in a given area of the United States. An exotic species has been introduced to one ecosyst... Read More »

I'm searching for a lady named Georgia in either Nebraska or Iowa. Her married name was Georgia Barr,?

I am not sure if this is the right Georgia Barr since I have no idea what she looks like, but here is one Facebook account. If that is not her, try the other 3 people on the right of the page.

How many miles from helen, georgia to atlanta, georgia?

It is about 87 miles from Helen, Georgia to Atlanta, Georgia. On average, this trip should take about one hour and 45 minutes. Mileage and time may vary depending on where your destination is in th... Read More »