Haw to remove finger print from my hand?

Answer burn them.

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How Do I Break My Hand, Arm, Or Finger?

finger is easiest but you run the risk of messing up a ligament tissue and having a way serious injury. u just snap it to the left or right or drop a 45 pound weight on it.-ouch! as far as arm or w... Read More »

Odd things happening finger tip on right hand.. help?

Which finger is the most sensitive on the human hand?

The index finger on the human hand is the most sensitive finger to the touch. The human hand consists of 27 bones and can do very intricate and detailed The Human B... Read More »

Which hand has the wedding ring finger?

The "ring finger" generally is the fourth finger on the left hand. This tradition began with the Romans--according to The Knot--who believed the fourth finger was connected to the heart via "the ve... Read More »