Having you given up smoking - thinking of giving up - how did you do it?

Answer I smoked for 10 years I cut down and I spent 6 months only smoking when I drank maybe two nights of the week I then went on holiday with my partner for a week and smoked constantley throughout the ... Read More »

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I've given up smoking for 13 days - but now having a bad evening a really want to smoke.?

dont do it, what would be the point, we al lhave lows even thos of us who dont smoke and we have to distract ourselves in other ways, even a drop of the old baileys lol. Your doing so so well dont... Read More »

Giving up smoking?

I have given up for 6 months now and i will never smoke again cos it is mingging i never realised how much i smelt. my teeth breath clothes ,,not to mention health and money. every time i crave one... Read More »

Giving up smoking..any tips?

I quit last December after 30 years smoking roll ups, with no patches or gum and only mild withdrawal. I used the Allen Carr method, basically he talks you out of wanting to smoke. You can get his ... Read More »

I'm thinking about giving myself a cute Beatles style haircut but I'm blonde?

DON'T DO IT!I've seen people's lives ruined because of the bowl cut. You're just asking for a tornado to destroy your house or for a tyrannosaurus rex to eat your children alive or something equal... Read More »