Having trouble losing baby weight and dealing with anorexia?

Answer No, the gender of your baby has nothing to do with weight gain during pregnancy. I didn't bother to look at your pictures. If you've suffered from anorexia the last thing you need is someone judgin... Read More »

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The Best Excersise for Losing Belly Fat After Having a Baby?

Losing stubborn belly fat can be the hardest part of regaining your pre-pregnancy figure. Many women complain of a midsection "kangaroo pouch" after giving birth. Exercise, in conjunction with a he... Read More »

I am having problems with my new computer, and am having trouble remembering all of the things they have me ..?

H-man, I agree with Dune.. he has helped me numerous times.. just follow thru.. Good luck..

If your baby was losing weight, what would you do in this case?

I would have done the same thing. My daughter was premature, and I was able to pump for her, but pumping only goes so far especially if you are never around your child to pump and the stress of a b... Read More »

My daughter is growing up too fast and I'm having a hard time dealing with it. Any advice?

i feel for you and her I'm her age and yes i do live in a ritzy neighborhood and kinda live lavishly but the thing is i thought of this little sequence in my head " everyone has a cinderella story ... Read More »