Having sex 2 young?

Answer Curious aren't you??? Well, I'll tell you my experience just to give you an idea. You make your own decisions.I lost my vaginity when I was 13, at the end of 7th grade. We were both virgins.We used... Read More »

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Can you die for having a baby to young?

Why are so many young people having sex?

Lazy parents and a continuously degrading society. It's become normal now to be promiscuous, even praised. It's quite sick. What's truly good is becoming bad, and what's truly bad is becoming good.... Read More »

How to Avoid Having Sagging Breasts As A Young Woman?

At any given time, a woman may have issues with the way her breasts look. Simple lifestyle tips that include self breast massage, combined with proper bra fittings will help anyone's breastse look ... Read More »

If you are too young to have a baby what are the risks of having one?

If you're too young, there's a big risk. Just don't have sex. Be responsible.