Having my teeth out soon...Question about gas?

Answer I had a procedure done Wednesday (I'm 14) where they removed some of the muscle tissue from my gum so it could grow back by scapel. I don't like needles either but have become less scared because I... Read More »

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The teeth next to my extraction site hurt after having my teeth extracted?

It's most likely gum bruising from the pressure the dentist needs to use to remove a tooth. It's quite normal and the pain will subside before too long..

I am having a 2 teeth extracted (both at the back teeth) on moday and...?

If they put you to sleep to remove (as in wisdom teeth), you will need to get a friend to drive you home. And there are rules you'll need to follow from your surgeon.If they are just taking out som... Read More »

Can teeth bands work if you have a very large gap in your front teeth about 6mm or a quarter inch or is a bridge or veneers the only way to go?

Answer Sometimes when the space between the two central incisors is too large, orthodontics (braces) may be recommended. This usually will take approximately 18-36 months depending on the severity... Read More »

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