Having driver problems, would appreciate some help!?

Answer The CD drive should have a small hole in the front some place. Insert a paper clip end into this hole and press inward. This releases the door lock mechanism and the door will open.Your drive is ... Read More »

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I'm having problems installing the driver for my scanner at home?

According to this:…LaunchAnywhere GUI is hp_toolbox.exe, commonly found in C:\Windows\It appears to be the HP Driver installer/updater. I assume your sca... Read More »

This is a very serious question about my grandson i would appreciate some helpful answers?

Damn,she looks like an Oompa Loompa...neat! What does she use to get that radiation glow? Eh..babbies are resilient...he'll be just fine. Good luck mamasita!

Having some phone problems,?

sounds like you might have dropped it or gotten it wet.. i would return it for a new one if mine started doing that after just having got it..

Is facebook having some problems?

mine does. i thought it was just my computer. i guess noti can't see anyone else's profiles or pictures, and i can't look at the notifcations. i also heard that some of my friends are getting spam ... Read More »