Having all four wisdom teeth pulled next thursday! Help!!!!?

Answer Please don't be scared.I just got mine out yesterday!! No joke this is exactly how it went:They lay you all the way back and then they strap your legs down so that you don't kick them in your sleep... Read More »

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Will the swelling from getting my wisdom teeth removed (yesterday/thursday) be gone by monday !?

Honestly, it depends. I got mine out Wednesday and I have such minor swelling that it is hard to even notice. I believe you should switch to a warm washcloth for swelling on the second day. Keep ta... Read More »

What is in the IV that is placed in your arm when your wisdom teeth are pulled?

AnswerIt might be different in different people's cases although in my case .. my doctor put what is called Liquid Vallum in the iv. This is a type of sedation

Does everyone have to get wisdom teeth pulled?

Not everyone have to get them pulled, if they grow correctly. Some have to pull them off because sometimes they grow crooked, or don't want to come out completely... I had that problem, my wisdom t... Read More »

Anyone every have their wisdom teeth pulled?