Having a probem figuring out how operate S310 Lexmark scanner?

Answer You can use our software: Lexmark Printer Home. Just click on Start > All Programs > Lexmark > Lexmark Printer Home. You can also initiate the scan from the control panel of your printer.

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How do I Operate a Lexmark 1200 Scanner?

Having paper documents at home or in the workplace increases the possibility they will be lost in some somewhere. Using lots of paper is also not environmentally friendly, especially if you plan to... Read More »

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I have an HP Officejet 6500A All-In-One scanner/copier/fax. I am having a problem with my scanner.?

It could mean that your scanner bulb assembly is bad. - clean the glass with a cloth and if needed plain water. - nothing scratchy, no chemical cleaners- power off the scanner and let it cool for ... Read More »

How do I use a Lexmark all-in-one scanner?

A Lexmark all-in-one scanner functions as a printer, scanner and copier. It is ideal for small offices and home use, saving both space and money. You can also buy models with an added fax function,... Read More »