Having 3rd generation core proceessor no need to any graphics card?

Answer You still need a graphics card. Processor only processes the data of the computer. It does not have the ability to run a game without graphic cards. Graphics card is the unit that shows the graphic... Read More »

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Can intel (R) core (TM)2 Cpu 4400 @ 2.00 ghz and a Geforce GT 610 Graphics card?

hi alma as the first answer stated you will be able to run older games and less demanding games,however most of them will be limited to low detail settings ... this i... Read More »

Does a DDR2 motherboard support a DDR3 graphics card Plz help.Processor: Intel core 2 duo CPU @2.00 GHZ ?

Yes. The memory on the GPU is different from system memory.

What's the best graphics card for my XPS 420,425w power supply,Processor, Q6600, 2.4, 8MB, Core Duo Kentsfield?

If that's a Dell 425W psu, it's probably a bit underrated. But psus do lose some capacity as they age.Assuming your psu is still going strong, I'd recommend a GeForce GTX 550Ti- it's the best card... Read More »

Windows 7 - 2.4Ghz Single Core P4 + 1GB DDR1 + 128MB Graphics Card - Is this good enough for a basic computer?

720p ok 1080p noBasic sure, but no gamming besides those really crappy ones and flash games