Havin sex during period..?

Answer Not much. Maybe it won't feel the same for whatever reason.

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Is havin a freckle on your balls normal?

If you can see the freckle on your balls it's normal, when you can't even see the balls for the freckle, it's time to panic.

Me & My Boyfriend Are Starting 2 Get More Serious &Are Thinking About havin sex Im 14 & Hes13 What Do U Think?

I honestly think that you really should wait to have sex. At the age of 14, you may not be emotionally or psychologically ready or prepared for all that goes into having sex. And at 13, he is WAY... Read More »

What's the best country song about going out and drinkin an ice cold beer an havin fun?

Red solo cupPretty good at drinking beerSomethin bout a truck that is all I can come up with right now

I quit smoking about 3 days ago.. I'm havin chest discomfort. IS this normal?

Completely normal. Your lungs are now begining to clean themselves out which will lead to some chest discomfort, difficulty breathing, excess phlegm and increased coughing for a few days to a few w... Read More »