Haven't we had enough with 9/11 already?

Answer excuse me? don't be rude. i know so many people who passed away in that. a lot of my friends lost their parents in 9/11. want to show a little respect? don't say " oh well people only act like th... Read More »

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Enough with the dieting spam already!?

Im already 17, How come I havent had my period yet?

cuz you dont have a vaginachop your dingdong off if u wanna be a gurl(:

No more Twilight!!! Enough already!?

Twilight is awful! The writing is atrocious, the story is filled with holes, and the characters are completely one-dimensional!Not to mention it glorifies abusive relationships, is completely sexis... Read More »

If period is late and you havent been preggo in 9years would you get that dark line you get on your stomach earlier if you already had other pregnancies i think its called linea nigra?

Answer Yes you can still have the Linea Nigra and not be pregnant. Wait till your period arrives and if it doesn't perform a pregnancy test.