Have you used grow taller4idiots?

Answer I used it before and I grew 3 feet overnight.

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Have you ever used Vaseline(patroleam jelly) on your eyelashes to make them grow longer and thicker?

Once, I over-plucked my eyebrows and I thought I would leave it to grow out for at least four weeks. In the meanwhile I applied a thin coat of petroleum jelly over it before I went to bed and it di... Read More »

How do you see how many gigabytes you have used (or not used) on your pc?

Click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. Then right click on the C drive in the menu that you see. Then click on "Properties". That gives you a chart of how much free disc space you hav... Read More »

Can halogen lights be used to grow plants?

On One Hand: Halogen Provides the Right Light SpectrumHalogen lights often provide the right light spectrum for most plants. While some plants require different or specialized light spectrums, most... Read More »

I have random dizzy spells. I used to have them rarely, but they have got a lot worse lately. Please help?

I too experience dizzy spells - not random, but constantly. I had a really hard time finding anyone who could explain what the problem is - went a whole year without any treatment at all. I did h... Read More »