Have you used Wellbutrin to quit smoking?

Answer I just quit last Sunday. I used the gum and it really doesn't work. But you have to want to quit. I am still not smoking even though the gum isn't working because I feel so much better without havi... Read More »

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OK a smoking check up to see who have still quit smoking & or have you quit yet ?

Hi ausblue you are awesome, I have given up so many times I have lost count.I truly admire those that succeed.

If you have quit smoking or are trying to quit, what is your biggest challenge?

Hi warren.. congrats on that time its impressive.. i have been free for over 5 years now.. after smoking for more than 40 years.. the thing that worked for me was a support group.. the biggest chal... Read More »

I quit smoking pot 3 weeks ago.What is the best way to clean out my system for a new job.I have quit for good.?

Have you "quit" trying to quit smoking?

Ha! If the Marlboro Man can quit smoking, so can you. Yeah, it took me about 16 years, but it is possible. It's too tough to quit cold turkey. Try to go with a certain daily limit, then reduce that... Read More »