Have you tried this for your skin (helps with acne and oily skin, dry patches)?

Answer I think you're right about the glycerine soap. Being a guy I find this soap is alright. If I have some dry skin, after shave gel seems good too, zingy and cool.I might try that olive-oil if it help... Read More »

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What to do for oily skin/acne?

Go on a diet! It's not your quick one day solution, but if you're willing to get rid of it for good it's your best choice.It helped me a lot, you need to stick to it for about 3 months to see real ... Read More »

Acne Treatments for Oily Skin?

Oily skin is typically more acne-prone than other skin types. The oil glands produce excess oil that can harden and block the pores, causing breakouts. Although it is a task to treat oily skin and ... Read More »

Acne Cleanser for Oily Skin?

Acne is a troublesome problem that can affect anyone at any age. However, it's especially a problem for those with oily skin. This can make the acne difficult to treat and make it so you feel like ... Read More »

Care & Treatment For Acne & Oily Skin?

Acne vulgaris is a common skin condition that affects almost all adolescents and nearly half of adult women. Oil produced by the body's sebaceous glands contributes to the formation of acne. ... Read More »