Have you tried the new Walkers crisp flavours What is your favourite?

Answer Jellied Eels

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What's your favourite crisp flavour (chips, if you live in the US)?

Favourite frozen yogurt flavours?

Yougurtland deff. Devils food cake, coconut, or strawberry shorcake Also Denville Dairy vanilla chocolate twist

I have tried so many times to apply false eyelashes is there a big secret Im missing here I have tried...?

I have wore false eyelashes since I was 15 yrs old. There is a trick!! Buy the cheapest pair that you can but buy a regular tube of glue. After you take your lashes out of the package put them on a... Read More »

We have a lexmark 1185 and have tried and tried to install and uninstall it, but it prints blank pages, help?

I assume you've checked the ink cartridge to make sure the jets aren't blocked and done all the things the help section of the Lexmark program has told you to do so my advice is:Return it. If you ... Read More »