Have you tried other web browsers besides IExplorer?

Answer That would have to be Opera...meets all your criteria.Once you start using it, you won't go back to IE.

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Quesiton About IEXPLORER ?

Go into properties and in the general tab look for browsing history. Click the delete button. It will then give you options on what you want to delete.Another method would be to download CCLEANER. ... Read More »

IExplorer problem?

Hi,Sorry but I am confused, I assume you mean Internet Explorer?That is a web browser so could you explain exactly how you are trying to drag,delete,copy,replace files?Did you mean windows explorer... Read More »

Anyone who knows about browsers?

Google chrome is fast and its got a spell checker built in the same as many other browsers apart from IE9.As for security, other browsers are secure but Google Chrome is unhackable. Thats not my op... Read More »

Are there any other web browsers than..?