Have you tried Chipotle Mexican Grill?

Answer Chipotle is soo good! You should definately try it out :)A burrito or burrito bowl is about 5-8 dollars, depending on what meat/no meat choices you make

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I got an offer to work from strada and chipotle mexican grill, which one should i take?

Which do you personally prefer -- for food, atmosphere, etc.?Which one is closer to your home?Which would have more and/or better hours for you?You should have asked about the pay when you were off... Read More »

Where do i go online to fill out the new hire paper work for chipotle mexican grill?

go back home and try again to log on to chipotle and then nalert the manager because some people or /persons may not want you to work there and they may be saving the job for their friends and they... Read More »

Who owns Chipotle Grill?

Chipotle Grill, a casual Mexican restaurant chain that serves gourmet tacos and burritos, is owned by Steve Ells. Ells founded Chipotle Grill in Denver, Colorado, in 1993 near the University of Den... Read More »

How do they grill sausages at those Mexican food kiosks?

On a grill---or turning around a heat source, depending on which kiosk you're referring to.-They are tasty, that's for sure