Have you skydived and could you breathe?

Answer I've done over a 100 freefalls, sounds like anxiety to me... Generally, skydivers jump from around 13 thousand feet. At 13 thousand the air is much thinner, but there is plenty to breath especial... Read More »

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Slightly sharp pain as I breathe. What could it be?

I know this might be hard, but you might want to consider quitting smoking.... I know you may have tried in the past, but you'll just have to try harder. This may be nothing serious, but it could b... Read More »

I don't have brother It makes me feel very bad At times I wish I could have brother who could fight with me correct me when I do something wrong and make me feel secure pls help?

Could I be poisoned What could have been in the water?

bottled water is full of harmful chemicals to start with as it comes from the ground.The smell, I would suspect to be a form of Cloro-diaphin which can cause delusions of grandeur like George W Bu... Read More »

What could cause a vagina to have a rusty taste Could this be a sign of a serious health problem?

Tastes sort of like a mouth full of pennies? Are we dating the same chick?