Have you seen this web site, ?

Answer Yes. Everyone should visit this site, even if you don't have kids. We all need to be aware of the presence of these predators in our communities.

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Why do so many Americans use this site (UK + IRELAND) when they have their own site?

its aquite annoying, when we use terms like "daft" or "quid" they are stumped and dont know what we are on about!Go back to your own site where u ask questions about hot dogs and popcorn!

Have you seen this yet?

I am keeping her in my thought and pray she makes it home safely. Good luck. I will post this on my myspace.Thank you for informing me.

What bee is this It isn't like anything I have seen before. It doesn't seem happy to have met me.?

Sounds like a honey bee leave it alone and it won't hurt you

Have you seen this movie?

Is it "Meet Monica Velour" ?…Not sure, I just typed in the keywords into google and this movie came up.