Have you seen the movie Earthlings?

Answer Yes. Took me 5 separate occasions to finish it though. And it has a lot of images that burn into your mind. Typically I try to avoid watching such things, because once you've put it in there, yo... Read More »

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Dear vegetarians, did watching the movie Earthlings make you more disgruntled, cynical and even misanthropic?

Earthlings was the single most life-changing movie I've ever watched in the time I've been alive. It made me go VEGAN overnight and for at least a week after watching it, I felt strongly these feel... Read More »

Earthlings has messed me up?

I was a vegan one year before I watched Earthlings, and it turned me from a passive apologetic vegan to an assertive one. The movie really scarred me, especially the part about experimenting on mon... Read More »

Earthlings documentary viewing?

If women are from Venus & men are from Mars, who are the earthlings?

My dog has things pretty much together...