Have you seen MacDonalds latest publicity stunt?

Answer MCDs is such a big, evil corporation. After 'super-size me' they claimed they sold healthy food (!), lately I've been bombarded with the magazine adverts about the family who visit the MCDs farm t... Read More »

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What do you think of Ris Low's latest publicity stunt to be a radio DJ?

Frankly I can't understand how she won the Miss Singapore Pageant in the first place. If choices like her are all the judges are looking for, Singapore will never ever produce a Miss Universe or Mi... Read More »

Here We Go Again.....Has She Really Quit This Time.....Or Just Another Publicity Stunt.......................?

Well it does say 'allegedly heard' Sue so I don't think we can take it as read! I have to agree with Sharon though Danni is a crap judge and should never have been there in the first place and nei... Read More »

KFC or macdonalds?

Macdonalds or burgerking?

Burger King, the chicken burgers are divine and they're just slightly better for you!!!