Have you seen MacDonalds latest publicity stunt?

Answer MCDs is such a big, evil corporation. After 'super-size me' they claimed they sold healthy food (!), lately I've been bombarded with the magazine adverts about the family who visit the MCDs farm t... Read More »

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What do you think of Ris Low's latest publicity stunt to be a radio DJ?

Frankly I can't understand how she won the Miss Singapore Pageant in the first place. If choices like her are all the judges are looking for, Singapore will never ever produce a Miss Universe or Mi... Read More »

Here We Go Again.....Has She Really Quit This Time.....Or Just Another Publicity Stunt.......................?

Well it does say 'allegedly heard' Sue so I don't think we can take it as read! I have to agree with Sharon though Danni is a crap judge and should never have been there in the first place and nei... Read More »

Where can I find the latest NHL news online as seen on ESPN?

The official ESPN website has the latest news and scores for the National Hockey League. Click on the "NHL" button on the "myESPN" row at the top of the website.

What is wrong if a Painkiller game shows the error 'directX file missing' when you try to run it but you have the latest directX 9c and the latest PC with 1 GB RAM and a 128mb video card?

Reasons: 1. Your operating system isn't meet the requirements. Windows 95 and NT are not supported. 2. Your DirectX files is missing and corrupt. Solutions: 1. Redownload the DirectX 9.0c and i... Read More »