Have you registered for the HDFC Scholarship Program?

Answer This can not be regarded as a question. The web site you provided gives information about banking with HDFC.Anyway thanks for the information.hsj

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Do I have to perform a medical test to purchase HDFC life insurance?

The need to undergo a medical test to purchase life insurance from HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company varies by policy. The HDFC Assurance Plan is advertised as not requiring a medical exam, but ... Read More »

If you already have a navy rotc scholarship can you transfer it to an air force rotc scholarship?

Yes. You're still subject to the eligibility requirements of any university you're attending.

How long is the registered nurse program?

Associate degree programs in nursing for prospective registered nurses (RNs) typically last for two years. Bachelor's degree programs in nursing last four years. Some hospitals offer certificate or... Read More »

I need a grant or scholarship for this program called people?

call the local schools in your area, find out what;s the qualifications for going to outer states, talk to the rep. of the school you wishes to attend, i know they will point you to the right direc... Read More »