Have you received this virus warning?

Answer No havn't had that 1 thanks for the advice.

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This is more of a warning TROJAN VIRUS ALERT?

Yes, that and others like it have been around for a while it seems. I'm always leery about clicking on any and every link that I find in an e-mail. There are some programs which will scan a link be... Read More »

Does anyone else have this problem on sky, getting error satellite signal not received we only get this?

Annoying isn't it?Bad weather can be to blame or your dish might need re aligning. You don't need Sky ripping you off for that just call a repair guy and he'll check it for you and see if it needs... Read More »

Have you sent or received flowers this year?

yes I've sent a few bouquets this year. I usually send flowers to my female friends (when I know where they live lol) even some of my online friends whom I've never met xx

Received disability insurance payments for 1 year found you received settlement and want overpayment back and reduced your monthly payment is this right?

It changed are world besause so many opeople died and those were the highest buildings ever.