Have you realized the plus side of the Youtube PRS spat?

Answer it worked for me, what am i doing wrong?

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Does anyone have the link to the Youtube video showing. Palins face once they realized they lost the election?

I found a pic, dam it looks like she is trying to swallow a load, (her own!)…did you hear she had a speech prepared and McCain wouldn't let her read it , S... Read More »

What do you think are some of the major misconceptions people have about cancer (Plus a random side note)?

OMG!!!!!You are Lars friend aren’t you?I have wondered what happened with you. I am so glad to hear you are doing well.EDIT: Yes of course it is okay. I just added you too. Please tell Lars I sai... Read More »

Does plus he plus have plus siblings?

How long did you have cervical mucus before you realized you were pregnant?

Answer CM usually occurs 9-14 days after conception has occurred. Sometimes it doesn't occur until your in the 2nd month of pregnancy.