Have you read this brilliant article about the homeopathy scam?

Answer By any chance were you able to observe how biased that article was?Hopefully you've managed to learn a simple logical concept. If something is biased, then it is not necessarily accurate.A lot of ... Read More »

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''free laptop scam''...this will help us all on here...have a quick read...?

That's a laugh you got one as an answer! Yes and they piss me off as well. I've been on and on to Yahoo to have Moderators on here so they can get them off as soon as they appear!

Have you seen this article about CPC's in the Nation?

I agree, SLY. There are so many things wrong with this situation that I'm not sure where to start. For starters, religion should NEVER be involved in adoption. I've said this before, but threatenin... Read More »

Do you have any knowledge if this article about Internet Explorer is true?…From what I can tell, it's true.I haven't used IE in many years due to other issues. Try using Chrome. Many say it's faster and works better.

Have you seen this article about the agency that took Stephanie Bennett's baby girl, Evelyn?

Just as I responded the first time you posted this question - I believe this is a travesty and I am shocked that this unethical agency is still in business! They are total scofflaws and should be ... Read More »