Have you picked your nose before?

Answer No i stopped doing that when I found a better alternative: VACUUM! Just put the vaccum on high, and plug in one of those nozzle attachments- aim at the nose and voila! u can breathe. Takes all the ... Read More »

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Adoptees: if you could have picked your own adoptive parents, would you have chose the ones you have?

No.They would be as much LIKE my natural parents as possible -- IF, and only if, not being adopted is not an option.My APs are old enough to be the parents of my parents.My APs are abusive.My APs a... Read More »

Why have you picked your particular yahoo nickname?

because I'm an idiot from London I didn't want to put nice guy from London as everyone would think I'm up my own backside

Do you always put your nose in the milk carton before you pour it?

i always do it now after pouring two lumps of milk in.

When your in the military do you have to be picked to be on a special ops team?

No. You have to meet rank and time in service requirements, then you have to volunteer. After that, you have to pass the selection process, and, in many cases, there'll be post-selection training y... Read More »