Have you noticed this in google translater?

Answer Because for making a correct grammer one should need common sense. But unfortunately computers don't have common sense. Also the in english if you take each word and find out the meaning n then joi... Read More »

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Where can i find a very good translater that works in school becaus google translater is blocked.?

Iranians: have you noticed this in Google search?

LOLIt's not suitable for minors. When my sister's son (8 yo) was searching for game sites, asked me what do these words mean?! You'll see wonderful things even by typing letter Ú©@Amin: No download... Read More »

Have you ever noticed this?

Oh yes Olivia, I am so sick and tired of people without tattoos or people that do not like tattoos and do not intend to get any tattoos, that feel compelled to provide advice to those of us that ar... Read More »

Have you noticed this on Big Brother?

Not all of themFrank didn'tEnzo didn'tAdam didn'tIan didn't( the dog suit for 24 hours)Jordan didn't(The Spirt tard in Season 13)