Have you noticed the poster(s) giving link to Video Answers is back?

Answer Thanks for the information. Yes, I have noticed several different phrases from Mal-ware attackers. We have been ( including the Yahoo! Answers Staff) trying to put an end to this matter for the pa... Read More »

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If you found a phone that you don't know who it belongs to and you have no way of giving it back to them.?

Check if there are contacts in the phone, like Home, Mom, or Dad. Call them, tell them you have the phone.Do not sell it or use it yourself. It does not belong to you.

Has anyone noticed the link between racism and eating meat?

Flu_flu, you haven't researched very hard, then. Read the article from May, 1937 that the New York Times published on Adolf Hitler, or Robert Payne's biography from the '60's, or Dione Lucas's coo... Read More »

I have olympus u760 its giving error D8234 everytime i switch it on,plus lens wont roll back,what's way out?

Try olympus support for your camera. See the link below>>>>>>>

How to get a youtube video noticed?

The only reason I was really noticed is because I uploaded videos that people wanted to see (lyric videos) but one tip that I will suggest is... I know it may seem wrong but, spam. Just go to a few... Read More »