Have you noticed how bad some peoples spelling can be?

Answer I understand what you mean, employers are saying that lots of kids are leaving school without good english skills these days, it's a shame. I wouldn't even use this site if I couldn't put myself ac... Read More »

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I noticed today in my garden that some bees have taken up residence in a birdbox,?

Few things to consider,How many are there?If you see a large clump, more than a hundred you most likely have honeybees If you see a huge bee in about 10-15 numbers and doesn't have that much hair, ... Read More »

Have you ever noticed some drivers never use the turn signals that when changing lanes?

that and not signaling to turn till after theyve turned or have the turn signal on then turning the oposite direction

Have you noticed how some people with pushchairs push them out into the road to stop traffic?

yeah scary - taking their baby's life into their hands.the other thing that worries me is when you see parents with young children crossing in the middle of the road when there is a zebra crossing ... Read More »

Why do some peoples eyes seem to change colour?

Yes! Han han eye colour do change in some people.A person's Eye colour is because of the Iris. And Iris colour depends on the number, and colour of pigment in it...just like our skin colour depends... Read More »