Have you missed not having Wikipedia available today ?

Answer press escape twice while page is loading, worked for me!

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How to Get over Having Missed Your Prom?

So you missed your prom...Maybe you were home schooled and didn't have one. Maybe you had really overprotective parents who didn't let you go. Maybe you were grounded. Maybe you had a personal or f... Read More »

I started having SEVERE NECK PAIN today, but I have no idea how... (inside)?

ice it. cold towel will work. no heat. common problem. you are starting growth spurt. try day off. have doctor snap neck. you will soon find your knees having same problem. it is simply put a kink ... Read More »

I missed my doctors appointment today, i slept in, what do i do now?

Phone them apologise for missing your appointment and make a new one its not rocket science.

I missed it, what was the Maury Povich show about today?