Have you lost your bbc analogue signal yet?

Answer Mine`s o.k. (south west)

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Can any analogue signal be converted to digital?

yes of course we can convert an analog signal to digital...the device which converts analog to digital is called ADC {ANALOD TO DIGITAL CONVERTER}..AND IT USES A VERY SIMPLE TECHNIQUEi will tell yo... Read More »

Does anyone here still watch tv from the old analogue signal?

Yes- Even if I could afford to keep on top of that ever-changing technology, TV is still 99% crap no matter how high def it is.

Whats the difference between the operations of Analogue to digital and Digital to analogue converters?

This matter requires far more information than can be given here, and, in fact, quite a lot more than you can get from Wikipedia.Get and read a copy of "Principles Of Digital Audio" by Ken Pohlmann.

Can you buy your own box to receive the HD TV signal if you have just purchased a HD TV and have not signed up for HD TV service from your cable company yet?

Buying HD TV Box Please note that you don't have to have HD TV service to play HD TV games, but you do to watch high definition television.If your TV is an "HDTV" (as opposed to a "HD ready TV"), t... Read More »