Have you hurt any bodys feelings before ?

Answer Hi Nicole, yes, I have hurt people's feelings....sometimes I meant to, most of the time I don't mean to. I am sorry that your feelings have been hurt a lot. Every time that happens it is like a l... Read More »

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Have you ever had to eat something you didn't like b/c u didn't want to hurt the feelings of the one u where->?

I moved in back in July 21st as a live in housekeeper my own basement apartment the works all i do is clean and i'm cared for now family very nice job very easy well i was picked up from the guy in... Read More »

How to Deal With Hurt Feelings?

People often hurt each other by accident without meaning to. In order to get through life, however, it's necessary to step away from that pain to understand the bigger picture.

How to Break Up With Someone and Not Hurt Their Feelings?

Here is how to break-up with someone and not hurt their feelings. It can be hard to not hurt someones feelings. But sometimes, breaking-up is the right thing to do if things aren't working out.

How to Tell Your Feelings to Shut Up and Act Like You Aren't Hurt?

Act happy even if you are not.Everyone gets their feelings hurt at some point in their life. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to subdue those hurt feelings and pretend that you are happy, even when ... Read More »