Have you heard adoption being suggested for a child to have a "normal" life?

Answer Good question, Julie J.Being taken from your parents and family, given a new identity and your real one locked away is as about abnormal as it gets. Fighting with the government to know what your r... Read More »

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Have you ever heard of those computers that have the tower built into the monitor?

No, well I would be stuffed because my monitor stopped working the other day, just as well I had 2 spares :)

Imagine you are chinese what would it be like i have heard they have rice for breakfast?

I'll be more than happy because it's a traditional breakfast item in China - Fried rice (China); Fried rice (Philippines) day old rice fried in oil with a lot of garlic, usually eaten for breakfas... Read More »

Whats the worst personal habit you have or have heard of?

i know of someone who doesnt wash their hands after using the bathroom!!!Yuk!!!

Have you heard that woman with breast implants have an increased risk of a rare form of cancer?

This hit the news a few days ago.You need to understand news stations and papers always have stories on standby for slow news days and I believe this is one of them. This information was found in a... Read More »