Have you had one of these Emails ?

Answer i had loads of them. at first glance i got quite excited then i thought 'i haven't put the lottory on' so i went onto the national lottery website and looked at scams and it came up with they wil n... Read More »

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Could these emails be viruses?

Don't open any emails that you don't know who they are from.. I did this and got a virus, mine was a greeting card, don't open them...

HELP WHy are we being sent these disgusting emails!?

Sometimes spam companies send out emails to random addresses and if it goes through, they continue to send these emails and do not stop.I'm curious as to whether this boy that your friend has been ... Read More »

Are these emails from twitter spam or are they true ?

Look at the email sender's email address, if it's under the domain (or something like then it's a legit email. Although from what you've said it sounds more like... Read More »

This guy keeps sending me these weird emails. What should i do?

I hope you have kept the emails, if not then keep the future ones and report him. If you have a Email address with your ISP contact your ISP and ask their advice, you could even possibly go to the... Read More »