Have you had one of these Emails ?

Answer i had loads of them. at first glance i got quite excited then i thought 'i haven't put the lottory on' so i went onto the national lottery website and looked at scams and it came up with they wil n... Read More »

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How to Add New AT&T Emails?

With AT&T Internet service, you are given a main email account and the option to create sub-accounts. Use sub email accounts to create AT&T email accounts for other members of your family or busine... Read More »

What does BBC in emails mean?

Hi Its not BBc in emails .Its BCc.It means Blind Carbon Copy. The receiver of the email does not know to who else you have sent the email if you put it in BCC.I think you mean Bcc which stands fo... Read More »

How do I add new AT&T emails?

Adding a Sub-accountLog in to your master email account, the email address you first received when you signed up for At&t Internet service, by clicking the "log in" button on your AT&T Internet hom... Read More »

The 'E' in Emails?