Have you had any experience of ginger people?

Answer I taste divine darling...x

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Does anyone have a personal experience of getting a sponsor for people to people student ambassadors?

This isn't my story exactly but it is a story of my friend from my trip who had Dairy Queen Sponsor her:She wrote a letter and met with the manager of Dairy Queen. She had a time period of most of ... Read More »

Is the people to people program a good experience?

Yes it's amazing. The people are nice and and funny. It's just so fun you should really do it and it's super fun.

Makeup for people with ginger/red hair?

i have red hair, and i find using black liquid liner accentuates the eyes great but brown liner works too but always use black mascara , but for eyeshadows, i like greens, purple, browns, golds, s... Read More »

How can I tell people that being called ginger hurts?

You know what? I love people with red hair and freckles. I think it is an absolutely beautiful thing to be blessed with, and I am quite envious of it in all honesty. All of my guy friends go weak i... Read More »