Have you had a weird injury?

Answer You seem to not have such good luck with your feet...and now its going to your head. LOL Lets see, I was at a water park with my family when I was around age 9 and we walked by some big rocks and ... Read More »

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If you have an injury that was caused by a repetitive motion from your job but you don't have medical insurance can you have the medical bills paid through workmans compensation if you live in NJ?

Answer There isn't any reason why you can't. You must see your doctor, have him check you out so he can back you up in your WCB claim.Good luckMarcy

I have an injury that I have had for awhile. Advice?

That is expected from living. I hit my elbow on a door frame and now it hurts and the tendons tense up and catch when I use it too much. My chest pulls on the cartilage of my rib cage when I flex t... Read More »

I got a injury/cut while shaving my privat part ,penis.blood flow from it,injury is deep,i feel shy of consult?

make sure the bleeding stops. keep it clean and covered. and let it heal. unless you can't stop the bleeding you don't need to go to the doctor. you'll be uncomfortable for a couple of weeks, but i... Read More »

I have a back injury?

Father,This child is in pain and is suffering at a place that You know well. I ask in Jesus' Name that You will heal this child from suffering and draw them to You in Grace in the the Name of Jesu... Read More »