Have you gotten those scam emails from Africa ?

Answer just ignore them, report him as spam, and never do what he wants!!

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Question for those who have gotten Lasik eye surgery?

I haven't had it myself. I looked and for me at my age with my perscription the risks are bad , also I get on fine with contacts. I know 4 people who have had it. Three have been very happy althou... Read More »

I am constantly getting emails stating I have won money. How do I know what is a scam and what isnt?

You need to keep track if you have entered a contest. Write down the site, the details.If an email looks too good to be true it probably is.Try to use an exclusive "spam" email account for registe... Read More »

How to Report Scam Emails?

Sometimes you see spam in your inbox and you don't know how to make your e-mail client categorize it as spam.

How can I stop what is called the nigerian scam emails being sent to me?

There's no way. Every time one comes in, flag it, and any that might follow from that address will be blocked. This is a manual process, of course. Some hacker might have a bot or script they could... Read More »