Have you got fresh breath?

Answer LMAO, you are so funny sometimes, thats as bad as the bloke dressed as a woman who tried to rob a bank here, hilarious! :)

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How to Have Fresh Breath?

Fresh breath can be obtained through daily hygiene and by avoiding foods that cause bad breath.

How to Keep Your Dog's Breath Fresh?

A dog’s dental health is important aspects to ensure overall good health. This article explains why and what simple steps we can embark on to ensure good dental hygiene for our pets which can ens... Read More »

What does"my breath of fresh air"mean?

"My breath of fresh air" is not a fixed expression; however, "a breath of fresh air" is someone or something that is a welcome and refreshing change, for example: "His positive attitude was a breat... Read More »

What does the term you're a breath of fresh air mean?

The phrase "You are a breath of fresh air" generally means that you consider the person you are speaking to as a welcome relief. You could use the phrase to convey that you are glad to see her or t... Read More »