Have you got any bad habits that keep you awake at night?

Answer not if i have my wupert with me he does get tossed about abit when im having an amorous dream though..oops

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Have you ever been so upset that you laid awake all night and couldn't sleep?

No more in long-life.. Redcorn refuse be kept awake by the nonsense of human world when time go sleep.. No problem, unless matter life or death of someone or something, is worth lose sleep over. ... Read More »

How do I keep awake for the whole night?

What are food or herbs that can keep you awake?

An amino acid known as tyrosine can be converted into noradrenaline which increases alertness. However the research on this subject has found little correlation between dietary tyrosine and somatic... Read More »

What do you do to keep yourself awake when you have to drive and you're tired (not falling asleep)?

I've driven straight through from LA to Oklahoma City once. Over 25 hours. I think what helped most was always remembering that I didn't trust the other person to drive my car. On the way out th... Read More »