Have you got a 'side of the bed' ?

Answer I have to be in the center of the bed for a couple of minutes than I have to be able to roll over to the I'm weird like that.

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What should you do if you have eight wisdom teeth growing side by side with four of them in the place of normal molars?

Answer i almost had 8, i had 7. three on top and 4 on the bottom. my dentist didnt seem too suprised; he said that of all the teeth in the mouth, wisdom teeth are the most common to have more or le... Read More »

Can those who always sleep on the right side or left side of the bed be comfortable sleeping on either side?

Usually on my left side, hugging a full length body pillow..I once read somewhere that men are more likely to hug a pillow during sleep. (what ever that means)..But I guess I'm one of them..((Cammi))

What side is foster meadow on east side or south side?

Have you ever licked the side of a class 37 locomotive. I know I have?

I try not to make a habit of it.Which livery tastest best though, that's the question... EWS 'Cranberry' red or DRS 'Blueberry' blue...?